Why Choose Us?

It can be difficult to choose between psychologists, and it is important to get the right fit for you and your child. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

1          Child/Adolescent and family focus

We work exclusively with children, adolescents and families to not only help them to overcome problems but also to make life long changes. By focusing on children and families specifically we are able to develop and fine tune a broad range of services to better assist our clients.

2          Education/school backgrounds

All the psychologists at the Enki Centre have a minimum of a Master’s degree in Educational/Developmental Psychology, and have Education degrees, that is they are registered teachers or they are ex-teachers. This is a major advantage because not only can the psychologists at the Enki centre help you with immediate challenges but they can also help you navigate the school system. They can also provide better communicate with child’s teachers if need be – given we have been one and know the unique issues they face.  As ex-teachers we understand the value of good clear and accurate information, and aim to be generous with providing this information.

3          Breadth and depth of services

We offer comprehensive assessments, and coaching for learning and attention difficulties.   It is our aim at the Enki centre that once you have developed a relationship with us, you will be able to continue that relationship throughout life’s challenges as your needs change.

4          Private, Discreet and Confidential

It is a fully private service so you get confidential, impartial and independent help and advice. You are in control and get to decide exactly what information to divulge to whom.

5         Ethical,  easy and approachable

During the first intake session you are given a clear description of what services will be provided to you. You will be able to determine whether the assessment and/or treatment is right for you and make an informed choice – obligation free. The staff at the Enki centre are warm and friendly and easy to work with – they have your and your child’s best interest at heart.

6          Offer training in life long skills not quick fixes

At the Enki centre we don’t just help cope with one problem. We help by teaching skills needed all throughout life, for example building resilience, problem solving skills and thinking skills. Our aim is not help you or your child just ‘feel good’ but we help you and your child with ‘changes for good’.

7        Only use best practices in psychology

The Enki Child Psychology Centre has a commitment to best practices. This means that we use well validated, cutting edge assessment methods that span not only traditional educational/developmental assessments but also neuropsychology and audiology. We use evidence based therapy techniques such as CBT, solution focused therapy and Mindfulness as well as coaching in life skills that have been extensively shown in research to improve life outcomes. We DO NOT USE pseudo-science, unsupported claims or quackery! We only use approaches that are supported by research evidence or clinical experience. Our staff have specialised training in a number of evidence based interventions and you can be guaranteed that you will receive professional care of the highest possible standards and integrity.

8        Professional integrity

The Enki centre is highly selective in terms of employing only well qualified and experienced psychologists who have a real passion for helping young people. We conduct exhaustive background checks and many interviews before signing anyone on. We take our professional responsibilities very seriously.

9        Instant medicare and private health rebates

You can instantly claim medicare rebates (if appropriate), saving you precious time and frustration.