About the Psycho-educational Report

Psychological Report

Psychological reports are very time consuming to write requiring advanced technical knowledge and skills, and they are a necessary part of our discipline. Reports allow communication between interested parties, provide professional accountability and provide you with a record that may be useful at a later time. At the Enki centre each psychological report is written by the psychologist for the individual child and is not simply a standard report generated by a computer.

Enki Child Psychology Centre Psych-educational reports, typically includes:

  •  Clear statement of the referral question/s or concerns
  • A list of assessment measures used
  • relevant background information, including medical and educational history.
  • observations made during the assessment session (e.g., level of attention or distractability), that contribute to understanding the referral question
  • description of the testing methodologies used
  • results of any tests and questionnaires completed, including easy to read graphs, for example showing how your child’s abilities compare with other children at the same age
  • a discussion of the child’s cognitive/academic strengths and weaknesses, in easy to read language
  • a summary and conclusion including answers to the referral questions
  • suitable recommendations, which include teaching and learning strategies for home and school, as well as suggestions regarding interventions that may be appropriate
  • Appendix which includes detailed information about the assessment results that may be useful for other professionals working with your child.





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